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EVS has a range of products and services that will grow your glazing business

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Demand for affordable retro glazing is increasing and EVS is looking to find glazing companies from around New Zealand to provide installation services to our unique range of retro glazing products and services.

Installing EVS is a quick and simple process that allows your business to offer retro glazing services at more competitive prices. EVS will train and support your team with software and product installation. 

Download the EVS PDF guides

These booklets are available to companies that are interested in finding out how EVS could work for their business. Register your interest below and get a link to these PDF booklets.


EVS Licenced Installer Guide

The 18 page EVS Guide for Glaziers provides an overview of the EVS business offering as well as a breakdown of the different licence options designed to work with a range of different businesses. 


EVS Solutions Catalogue

The EVS solutions catalogue showcases the EVS profiles and techniques used to address a variety of retro-glazing situations. EVS has developed a number of profiles that can can be used in various combinations.


EVS Homeowners Guide

The customer booklet is available for homeowners to get an overview of the EVS system, some technical support information and some show case examples to help in the decision making process.

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