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These digital tools are specifically designed for the glazing industry, to make your retro-glazing projects faster and easier to manage.

See the packages that are available and sign up to get access to the Measure Up App and EVS management tools.  

Make glazing easier with three simple steps.

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Use the form below to send us your details. By submitting this form you confirm that you have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions. Once we have created your account, we will send through your login details.


Download your copy of the Measure Up App from the Google Play Store and get it set up on your Android device (unfortunately we currently don't have an iOS version)

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Once you have received your login details you can get started . Check through the settings and set up your standard rates, ready to use for all your retro glazing projects!

EVS Measure Up Packages 

There is a package available to suit everyone, from those only doing a few retro-glazing projects per year right through to those running full-time retro-glazing operations. Locations (the number of jobs able to be stored in the app at one time) differ for each of the packages. Only Licensed EVS Installers have access to the EVS Product range.  

Package PriceLocations TerritoryEVS Product Rates TrainingSetup Fee
Standard$25 p/month25/recycleWorldN/AWeb
Premium$45 p/month100/recycleWorldN/AWeb/Email$0.00
EVS Trade Installer$45 p/month100/recycleNew ZealandTrade PricingWeb/Email$0.00
EVS Accredited Installer$75 p/month200/recycleNew ZealandTrade + 10% DiscountFull/Training$8,500
EVS Networking Installer$150 p/month500/recycleNew ZealandTrade + 15% DiscountFull/Training$15,000 
EVS Territory Installer$250 p/month1000/recycleNew ZealandTrade + 20% DiscountFull/Training$15,000 + *Territory

*Territory Fee is $1.00 per dwelling within the desired territory. 

Additioanl locations can be added, 100 locations for $30 per month.

The EVS Measure Up App and Management Portal can be used in all English speaking countries.

Each user will include a single account login, that can be accessed by multiple devices on both the mobile and desktop applications.

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